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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brenlee thought this looked like Grandpa Chuck! lol!
But we were all wondering what Santa was doing at the hotsprings!

Our trip to Glenwood Springs was awesome. First, we went to an adventure park and went on a cave tour, bunge jumping, and on a giant swing that sweeps you out over the ledge of a cliff! Brenlee had fun on a rollercoaster that you can make go as fast as you want. Then, we hiked to Hanging Lake. It is this really gorgeous lake that has a waterfall going into it. It was so blue!

For Easter, we hit up a couple of different egg hunts. The first one was so dumb because all of the parents ran out and pretty much trampled the kids, but Brenlee survived and was so excited to get a hug from the Easter Bunny.

Brenlee got a new bike from Grandpa Bart and Grandma Carrie. This is her first time riding it at our house. She was so happy that it was a "Re-punzle" bike.
Right before Christmas, we went downtown to look at the Christmas lights. It was so fun. Brenlee was in heaven and this is one of my favorite pictures. Brenlee's Panda was born!

christmas 2010

Brenlee told Santa that she wanted a "pink tractor" for christmas. I'm sure it was very very hard for Santa, but she got one. We woke up at 1:30am christmas morning and Santa had already come before Jake had to work! Brenlee was so funny how excited she was! She kept saying "Santa loves me because he got me this!"

Monday, May 9, 2011

Christmas 2010

Everytime we took Brenlee to see Santa, she told him she wanted a "pink tractor". We have no idea where she got this, but all we could do was hope that Santa would pull through. Luckily he did! She woke up christmas morning at 2:00 am to not one, but two pink tractors. She was so excited!

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